six Unibet Players Will Hit the JACKPOT Each Day Until March 13

six Unibet Players Will Hit the JACKPOT Each Day Until March 13

Unibet Poker HexaPro Jackpots

HexaPro tournaments are Unibet Poker’s take on jackpot sit &amp go games, and give you the opportunity to play for a prize pool worth up to 1,000x your buy-in. The prize pool is randomly determined ahead of the first hands are dealt. Till march 13, Unibet guarantees at least six players will hit the a 100x jackpot in its HexaPro tournaments every day.

Most of the time, HexaPro players play for a prize pool that is 1.5x their get-in, but there is a opportunity of hitting the jackpot and playing for a far much more substantial payout. The tournaments spend in a winner-takes-all format unless the multiplier is 100x or 1,000x. In that case, the winner requires home 80% of the prize pool, second-location nets 12%, with the remaining eight% going to the very first player out of the door.

The six HexaPro jackpot are guaranteed to occur at in HexaPro games with acquire-ins of €1, €2, €5, €10, and €25. 3 guarantees will hit amongst three:00 p.m. CET and 7:00 p.m. CET each and every day, with an additional 3 100x jackpots triggering right after 19:00 CET.

Unibet Poker Launches All Encompassing GameLab Function

Players can clearly see in the Unibet Poker lobby a countdown of when the next jackpot is about to land. Purchase-in, maintain your fingers crossed and hope you are on a jackpot-awarding table.

Should the 100x jackpot occur at a €25 acquire-in HexaPro, there will be €2,500 in the prize pool. Even if you bust third you get €200. The runner-up banks €300, with the champion reeling in a €2,000 payout!

HexaPro Payout Structure

Buy-in 1.5x 3x 5x 10x 25x 100x 1,000x
€1 €1.50 €3 €5 €10 €25 €100 €1,000
€2 €3 €6 €10 €20 €50 €200 €2,000
€5 €7.50 €15 €25 €50 €125 €500 €5,000
€10 €15 €30 €50 €100 €250 €1,000 €10,000
€25 €37.50 €75 €125 €250 €625 €2,500 €25,000
€50 €75 €150 €250 €500 €1,250 €5,000 €50,000
€100 €150 €300 €500 €1,000 €2,500 €10,000 €100,000

HexaPro Payout Probabilities

Multiplier Probability
1.5x 56,294 in one hundred,000 games
3x 25,000 in one hundred,000 games
5x 14,000 in 100,000 games
10x 4,600 in one hundred,000 games
25x 100 in one hundred,000 games
100x five in 100,000 games
1,000x 1 in 100,000 games

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Now is the time to join the fun and games at Unibet Poker due to the fact signing up for a totally free account by means of PokerNews’ hyperlinks provides you the chance to become a jackpot winner.

If you don’t have an account already, download Unibet Poker through PokerNews. Generate your account, and make a deposit of at least €10. Undertaking so entitles you to €20 worth of tickets, plus entry into up to four €500 weekly welcome freerolls.

Your new Unibet Poker account comes with a €200 playthrough bonus. Play genuine income cash games, tournaments and HexaPro games and your bonus funds releases into your playable account balance at the frequencies shown under:

Level Rake Cash reward Reward %
1 €2 €1 50%
two €10 €4 40%
three €50 €15 30%
four €150 €40 27%
five €588 €140 25%