Legend of the Week Winner Cites MyGame as 1 Cause For Accomplishment

Legend of the Week Winner Cites MyGame as One particular Purpose For Achievement

Matthew Cox recently topped Leaderboard three of our ongoing Legend of the Week promotion, helping himself to a $530 ticket for his troubles. Matthew is living proof that by continually enhancing your skillset ultimately yields benefits in the poker world.

Like numerous, the Goods In Supervisor from Worcestershire, United Kingdom, found poker through Late Evening Poker, a televised poker show formerly broadcast in the UK.

“I very first had my eyes opened to poker a lot of years ago when I discovered Late Night Poker that employed to be shown on Channel 4. I ws quickly hooked watching the likes of “Devilfish,” Ram Vaswani, and Phil Hellmuth do their issue, and felt and urge to want to understand the game. Then I discovered you could play for income online, which was handy seeing as this was just ahead of the poker boom and not a lot of individuals I knew played the game.”

Initial Good results Followed By Some Time Away From the Game

Matthew enjoyed some initial good results, bagging a handful of 4-figure scores and qualifying for some reside events in the UK, including a handful of final tables at Dusk Till Dawn. Poker took anything of a backseat for a number of years, but Matthew came back to the game in 2020.

“I took a step back from poker to pursue music for a couple of years with my old band, but nonetheless played on the web a tiny when I had the time, in addition to sporadically playing some reside events when I wasn’t gigging. Then I became a father in 2014 and ultimately came back to poker in 2020.”

Poker is a game that continually evolves and the strategies of yesteryear speedily become void. Matthew located this out when he delved back into playing on the web poker.

“My very first year back wasn’t especially profitable. I noticed a big change in the way players had been approaching the game and knew I required to find out and adapt if I wanted to take the game much more seriously. I’m a massive believer that if you want anything bad adequate you have to earn it, so I wiped the slate clean, invested in a modern day poker theory book, some on the web content material for studying, and watching the partypoker pro Twitch streamers to soak up as a lot info as attainable. I hit the micro-stakes tables and attempted functioning my way up.”

Matthew Cox

Matthew Cox

Study Far more + Play Much more = Winning

All that studying plus escalating his volume, saw the following year commence to bear fruit for Matthew.

“Last year was significantly greater and I put in 200,000 hands. To name a handful of, I won the initial ever partypoker League, The Flash, final table bubbled a WPT Pot-Limit Omaha occasion, and won a bunch of the pros’ homegames also. I think Matthew Staples’ homegame is the only 1 I’ve not won but.”

“Results aside, consistency is the essential for me. That’s exactly where I locate MyGame valuable as it enables you to pinpoint weaker locations of your game to work on either although you’re in a session or to look back more than the past week or month. I’ve been hitting an typical score of 80-82% for six months now, which I’m pleased with but know I’ve barely scratched the surface with what else there is to learn and there is a lot of room for improvement. Improving is what I continually strive to do.”

Matthew didn’t have the very best commence to the existing year thanks to enduring a downswing as 2022 kicked off. Nonetheless, he did not develop disheartened and realised that despite producing a few blunders as we all do, it was essentially variance not being on his side that was stopping him from winning.

Taking Out The Terminator

All that changed when he took down The Terminator a single Tuesday evening. He added a few more points to his tally and discovered he had turn into a Legend of the Week when a $530 ticket landed in his partypoker account.

“The Every day Legends schedule is fantastic for a 9-to-5er like myself. There are purchase-ins to suit every bankroll, the tournaments finish at affordable occasions, and they are all round great worth tournaments for the casual player, enthusiasts, and pros alike.”

“Aside from the Every day Legends, the a variety of series that run on partypoker are fantastic. I like the longer structured two-day events. I consider my favourite would be the WPT series, if only for the prestige that the WPT name brings with it. ”

Unsurprisingly for a man who strives for improvement, becoming a much better poker player and person is higher on Matthew’s agenda for the remaining eight months of the year.

“My main goals for 2022 are to hold being committed to improving and getting consistent in creating good decisions, bankroll management, study regularly, workout more, eat much better and drink significantly less. All of this should assist me turn out to be a much better player and particular person, and hopefully work my way up the stakes.”

“it would be fantastic to take down a large tournament, and I have a shot with my not too long ago acquired ticket – 1 time! The ultimate objective, as with most severe poker players, is to be able to play professionally for a living. But I’m realistic about where I’m at and will hold battling away and see what the future brings. Win or lose, I really like the game.”

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